How to Avoid Treadmill Injuries

All equipments and household tools can cause danger or hurt when not used properly. This is the same with treadmill. As treadmill becomes more popular in many households, many people are concerned about the injuries it can cause. Children especially, are prone to experience treadmill-related injuries. But, this can be avoided with a few simple precautionary steps.

Here’s how you can avoid treadmill injuries:

1. Wear appropriate clothing and shoe

It’s important to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. For example, remember to check on your shoes because shock absorption decreases over time. To prevent knee injury, you got to have shoes that absorb walk impact well.

2. Start slow and end slow

You got to warm up for each session. Start on a slow paced walk and gradually move to faster walking speed. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the highest speed at the start of the workout. You may end up straining your muscles. Same goes when you are coming to the end of your exercise. Slow down and allow your body to cool.

3. Maintain a good posture

I’ve fallen off a treadmill and it’s because of 2 reasons: the treadmill was badly built and I had a bad posture. Combine these two and an injury is bound to happen. A good posture is when you stand up straight and keep your shoulders straight but relaxed. Remember, don’t slouch!

4. Only work out on a well-built machine

As I’ve said earlier and in my post 5 Tips How to Choose the Best Treadmill, you must choose a stable machine that is able to support your weight. If you felt any tell-tale signs of rattling, immediately stop using until you get it fixed.

5. Keep to a comfortable stride

Adjust the machine settings to get a good pace and match the workout with a natural stride. Your arms should swing to the pace of your legs and remain close to your body. If possible, avoid holding on to the handrail.

6. Always listen to your body

Don’t ignore the signs your body sends you. If you feel excessive pain or unwell in any part of your body, stop and give yourself a rest. When you’ve overstrained your body you’ll probably need 2 days to recover. Your body can only take so many workouts at any one time.

7. Last but not least, keep kids away from the machine

Kids are a curious bunch and they’ll want to know how a machine works. Once, I had a nephew who came over to my house and almost got himself hurt when he came as I was working out on the machine. Since then, I kept the machine folded away whenever I’m expecting kids. It’s also dangerous to leave cords lying around.

Well, here are 7 quick tips on how you can avoid treadmill injuries. If you would like to lose weight effectively using the treadmill, probably you’d like to check out How to Lose Weight Quickly (5 Treadmill Weight Loss Tips).

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