Best Complete Feature Treadmill – Sole F80 Treadmill

Manufacturer of the Sole F80 Treadmill takes pride in offering a high-quality and user-friendly product. That claim is true because my brother owns this machine and he testifies of its excellent design. A high-performance machine equipped with 3-horsepower, this machine also gives a challenging speed of up to 12 miles per hour. I’ve given it a try and here’s what I think about this treadmill:

Sole F80 Treadmill
1. Good injury-prevention features

The fact that it has a 3-second countdown before belt begins to move and that it takes 6 seconds to reach full speed gives you time to be ready for the workout. The last thing you need is to be caught by surprise and injure yourself (i.e. machine moves when you don’t expect it to).

2. Has all the features of a regular machine, and MORE

Some parts come with lifetime warranty, which to say speaks of its excellent quality. Sole F80 Treadmill comes with the basics (heart rate and calorie tracking) and has extra feature to boot (1/4-mile digital track and peak-valley graph that corresponds to each program). Did I mention that it has a wireless chest strap to monitor heart rate? It’s just great!

  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Tablet Holder
  • USB Port
3. Hefty price, but a worthwhile investment

Although the machine sits on a above-average price range (>$1000), it is worth every penny because it performs superbly and has all the features you need for a good workout. It allows you to focus on the workout while the machine takes care of everything else, like monitoring your heart rate and playing your favorite music while you’re working out. A great buy indeed.

For serious runners, only serious treadmills will do, and that’s why SOLE is the treadmill of choice.

This machine provides more options than conventional home treadmills like similar commercial models.

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