Best Commercial Treadmills

Before we explore the world of treadmills to showcase the best commercial treadmill products that reign supreme, it’s important to address any doubts you may have about buying a treadmill instead of other fitness equipment.

Why buy commercial treadmills?

Today, with various fitness equipment such as ellipticals, exercise bikes and others, choosing the best one can be confusing. So, what equipment is best to burn excess fat and keep fit throughout the year?

If you want to have a good form of cardio workout, one of the best ways to do this is to have a good treadmill. If you look at commercial treadmills, in particular, these are some of the most expensive and functional units that you can buy for money. In general, if you buy commercial devices for yourself, you either really want to work and want something of very high quality, or several people will use the device for training.

To help you find the best commercial treadmill to suit your needs, we have developed a customer guide to help you find out what you should look for on a treadmill, and we have also compiled a list of our picks of the top ten best commercial treadmills on the market. to help you in the right direction.

This is a direct choice for us.


The treadmill offers you many options to choose from. You can choose a quick walk and you can resort to running whenever you want. In addition, there are various incline options so you can simulate walking on a flat surface or climbing a mountain. These varieties make you burn calories faster and generally bring you a pleasant experience.


Many exercise machines also place the body in unnatural positions. Ask the doctors. Sprain, tension, tears and back pain often occur when joints and other parts of the body are in unnatural positions. However, a treadmill simulates walking, jogging, and running, which are natural movements. In the past, treadmills could also be harmful to the knees, back, and joints. Not more. Treadmills, especially those on our list of the best commercial treadmills, have high quality deck cushioning and other features that make them safe to use.


If you want to burn more calories, then a treadmill is your best bet. With treadmills, you can burn between 600 and 1200 calories per hour. No other fitness equipment offers this.


Walking, running, or running on a treadmill requires the use of almost all the muscles in your body. Consequently, treadmills work your muscles and strengthen the bones and cardiovascular components in your body.


Suffers from back pain, osteoporosis or hypertension and cannot exercise? Not to worry. Since walking is the most feasible form of exercise that you can perform, the treadmill is the ideal equipment to help you keep fit.

Now that you know why treadmills are the best fitness equipment, you are probably wondering why this review is about the best commercial treadmills.

There are two main types of treadmills; commercial treadmills and home treadmills. If you have a limited budget and need a home treadmill, here are the best home treadmills that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Differences Between Commercial Treadmills and Home Treadmills


The price difference between commercial and home treadmills is quite huge. The price of quality commercial treadmills starts at $ 2,000.


When considering the performance of treadmills, two parameters come to mind: speed and motor. The rated power and engine size determine the frequency of use of the treadmill and its duration. As a rule, home treadmill engines do not exceed 2 hp. On the other hand, the best commercial treadmills are equipped with engines up to 7 hp.

Commercial treadmills also have higher running speeds than home treadmills. While the top speed on most home treadmills is 12 mph, the top speed on commercial treadmills starts at 12 mph.


Commercial treadmills are much larger than home treadmills. Commercial treadmills are tailored to the needs of the public, so they are designed to accommodate people of any weight and height. As a result, commercial treadmills provide a large running surface for people and provide greater stability during training.


One of the comforts of home treadmills is their folding design that makes it easy to move and store. Commercial treadmills rarely move, therefore, 97% of commercial treadmills are static.

Here is our selection of the best commercial treadmills!

1. The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner is one of the most durable commercial treadmills on the market, making it suitable for use in gyms, hotels, fitness clubs and other public places. Its robust construction and some excellent features make it one of the best commercial treadmills to provide all the necessary features.

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The Cardio Elite Runner 3G treadmill features a three-screen console zone. On the top screen, you can easily track the distance traveled, calories burned, speed, time, pace, completed and other training data. The large screen on the left shows a grid for adjusting the tilt and speed of the workout. The small display on the right shows the heart rate. Other amenities include a bottle holder and a tablet. It also includes an adjustable fan to keep you calm during your workouts, and a sound system with built-in speakers and MP3 compatibility.

The treadmill of the 3G cardio elite runner has a spacious 22 × 62-inch treadmill, which works even if you have a tall frame. It has a 3-inch roller, which makes it incredibly smooth and quiet during training. It is equipped with a 4.0 hp engine capable of speeds of up to 12 mph with a minimum speed of 5 mph. It can also support a maximum weight of up to 400 pounds. A powerful motor rating and maximum weight make it suitable for tall and heavy people for long workouts.

This treadmill features an automatic tilt system. The maximum slope is 15%, which gives you a variety of training opportunities: from walking on a flat surface to running uphill. Tilt can be controlled with an adjustment of 1%. The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill includes 8 built-in training programs, 2 special programs and 3 fitness test programs. When working on this treadmill, the risk of damage to the knees, back and joints is minimized thanks to the Orthoflex cushioning system and orthopedic strap, which minimizes the risk of damage to the knees, back and joints during impact, while producing very little noise.

Overall, the reliability, stability and robust design of the 3G Cardio Elite treadmill have secured their place among the best commercial treadmills.


   Pros      Cons
  1. Extremely solid build
  2. 8 built-in workout program,2 customizable and 3 fitness programs
  3. Motorized incline up to 15%
  4. Orthoflex Suspension System
  5. One touch control that makes it easy to change speed and incline
  6. Amenities including adjustable fan,  water and tablet holders and sound system
  1. Lacks online audio features such as web and Bluetooth
  2. Its heaviness might be a disadvantage if you want to change its position or location
2.  Sole F85 Treadmill

The Sole F85 treadmill is also a sturdy treadmill with incredible performance. It has a multi-functional console with a 10.1 “screen compared to last year’s 9” display. The blue backlight provides a clear reading of the distance traveled, speed, pace, calories burned, heart rate, incline even in the dark. The 10.1-inch display also shows the type of program selected and track readings at a mile distance showing the number of laps traveled. The console is also equipped with 2 cooling fans, which will certainly keep sweat during intense training.

There is a tablet tray, a drink, and an accessory holder to keep you near your devices. Other amenities include MP3 support and Bluetooth features, as well as a stop key that automatically stops the car during emergencies.

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The F85 sole has one extremely wide running area of ​​27.5 “× 60”, which makes running very comfortable for people of any height and size. It is equipped with an automatic tilt mechanism, adjustable up to 15%. Engine 4.0 HP it offers speeds from 5 mph to 12 mph, and has continuous working power, which allows it to work effortlessly for a long time without overheating. With a maximum carrying capacity of 400 pounds, the Sole F85 treadmill can support the heaviest people, so it is suitable for use in gyms, hotels, health clubs, training rooms for firefighters and other public places.

With a shock-absorbing system that provides up to 40% shock absorption, the Sole F85 treadmill easily acts on your knees, joints and reduces the frequency of rhythm beats. It is also equipped with a 4-layer belt including 2 layers of rubber, a layer of PVC and a nylon backing. The 4-layer belt prevents stretching, provides a smooth sliding surface and provides greater strength. The only F85 has 10 built-in programs. 6 standard – Interval, Hill, Strength, Fat Burning, Cardio and Manual, with 2 user and 2 heart rhythms.

Additional features make it possible to incorporate into the best commercial treadmill products. These amazing features are a chest strap for measuring heart rate, which wirelessly monitors heart activity, eliminating the need for a rudder sensor, rudders that control speed and tilt, and 10 direct keys with which you can select any workout program.

     Pros      Cons
  1. Sturdy and Reliable
  2. 10.1″ backlit display
  3. Foldable design
  4. Handlebars with heart rate sensors, speed and incline keys
  5. Heart rate chest strap
  6. 4.0HP motor that offers continuous duty
  7. Lifetime warranty for motor and frame
  8. Automatic incline up to 15%
  9. Cushioned deck
     1. Its sturdy build makes it heavy to lift
3.  Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill

If you are looking for a durable treadmill for the gym, then you should choose a Life Fitness Club treadmill. This treadmill combines reliability and durability with excellent features that make it one of the best commercial treadmills available.

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You can easily read the distance traveled, time, calories burned, heart rate, speed on the console screen. The console also has a quick start function that remembers your incline, speed and allows you to easily select your preferred workout program. The treadmill of the Life Fitness Club series also has a built-in smartphone, with which you can listen to your favorite music during training. Other features that you especially appreciate are the heart rate monitoring system and a wireless strap that easily syncs with heart rate training programs.

With an impressive 22 training programs, users can choose from a wide range of training programs. It uses the powerful and at the same time silent 4.0HP, which has a tremendous speed of 14 mph, which will be suitable and comfortable for runners. The treadmill measures 20 × 60 inches and is suitable for very tall runners. Thanks to the FlexDeck cushioning system, reinforced with polyurethane springs, Life Fitness Club can absorb up to 30% of the impact.

It can also be tilted up to 15% with an adjustment of 0.5%. This top-class car weighs 425 pounds and its maximum carrying capacity of 400 pounds is great for most gyms, clubs and hotels. The Life Fitness Club treadmill is undoubtedly one of the best commercial treadmills that costs your money.

    Pros      Cons
  1. The side rails offer extra safety
  2. Its  4.0HP motor performs excellently and noiselessly
  3. 22 workout programs
  4. FlexDeck Cushioning system with polyurethane springs offers maximum impact absorption
  5. Maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  6. Quick Start feature that automatically selects your preferred workout program
   1. Its 425 pounds weight makes it heavy to move around
4. Precor TRM 932i Commercial Treadmill

Precor treadmills are known for their durability and reliability. One of the Precor trademarks is the Precor TRM 932i product. The Precor TRM 932i treadmill is a commercial-grade treadmill designed for harsh everyday use. It is also equipped with some features that make the workout more dynamic and exciting.

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The console area of ​​the 932i treadmill is equipped with a 15-inch LCD display that displays the basic values ​​of the exercises, including time, distance traveled, calories burned, speed, incline and other indicators. There are also six workout buttons, a quick launch button, and a numeric keypad in the console area. In addition to the integrated sensor for heart rate monitoring, the TRM 932i also has a polar compatible wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring. In addition, you can get an analysis of your workout, which will allow you to evaluate your level of performance.



Equipped with a 4.0 hp engine, the Precor 932i treadmill has a speed of 1 to 12 mph, so the treadmill is suitable for tall people who can walk, jog and run. The running area, which is 22 × 56 inches, is also wide and long enough for tall users. It also has automatic tilt adjustment with a range of 0 to 15% and 0.5% to provide a varied workout terrain.

Featuring Ground Effect Shock cushioning technology and FootPlant Precor technology, the TRM 932i constantly adjusts belt speed to suit changing foot speeds. This helps reduce the effects on the joints and knees. 7 predefined training programs offer enough variety for multiple users. Training programs can be controlled using 6 buttons on the console.

The machine comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years warranty for parts and one year for work.


   Pros     Cons
  1. 15” LCD display
  2. 4.0HP motor
  3. Ground shock absorption and FootPlant technology
  1. The 7 preprogrammed workout plans are the fewest of the best commercial treadmill products
  2. No internet connectivity
5. NordicTrack Commercial 2950

You should have the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill if you are looking for a treadmill that will serve you in many workouts. The treadmill is equipped with many features.

The touch screen is one of the outstanding features of the Commercial treadmill. The massive display is a 22-inch high-definition intelligent touch screen that allows you to enjoy exciting exercises. Although this may not be so useful if you are used to just using treadmills in manual training mode, the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 also comes with iFit Coach.

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Using iFit Coach along with a very large touch screen, you can enjoy many different training videos shot by personal trainers in different places around the world. Run down the beaches of Hawaii or run through the streets of Italy using the iFit Coach and the excellent touch screen on the Commercial 2950.

Along with these features, the Commercial 2950 withstands heavy use, which many residential treadmills cannot claim. The frame is not only thicker and stronger than a regular treadmill, but this treadmill is equipped with a non-stretch two-layer commercial treadmill. With this belt, you don’t have to worry about being bald if you train in a marathon or if you have several family members who also want to train on a treadmill.

In addition, while the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill features a powerful 4.25 hp commercial engine, it is an amazingly quiet treadmill. This way you can enjoy hard training while your treadmill is quietly humming in the background.When it comes to the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill, that’s not all, so if you want to bring this treadmill home, be sure to read the rest of this review.

   Pros     Cons
  1. A wide, commercial treadmill comes with this treadmill.
  2. NordicTrack 2950 can accommodate a user weighing up to 300 pounds.
  3. Despite its tough treadmill, the Commercial 2950 can be easily folded.
  4. Powerful motor that runs quietly as you exercise.
  5. Massive 22-inch touch screen with high image quality.
  6. NordicTrack iFit Coach membership is free for a year.
  7. The Commercial 2950 comes with Runners Flex shock absorbers that protect you during your workouts.
  8. Strong workout fans are built into the console.
  9. Many training programs are built into the machine.
  10. This treadmill can tilt and swivel.
  1. This is a more expensive treadmill.
  2. There is not enough chest heart rate monitor. 
6. Gold’s Gym Trainer 720

If you want to purchase something inexpensive, but at the same time want to use a number of available functions, this treadmill may interest you. This treadmill has a total of 18 built-in programs that you can choose for yourself.

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The engine in this device is capable of speeds from 0 to 10 miles per hour. This device does not have a massive belt measuring just 20 × 55 inches, but it definitely has a decent size.

With this device, you can quickly and easily change the angle of inclination from 0 to 10 percent as you wish, which is a good feature available at this price. This unit comes with a warranty that will give you some peace of mind and includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 25-year engine warranty and one year treadmill warranty.

   Pros    Cons
  1. Has a built-in fan to keep you cool
  2. Music port to keep you entertained and motivated
  3. Can hold users up to 300 lbs
  4. Very nice warranty on the unit
  5. Can change the incline from 0-10 percent as you need
  6. 18 built-in programs that you can choose from
  1. No storage space other than what is on either side of the console
  2. Some users may want to travel at speeds of over 10 mph


Key Features of Commercial Treadmills

Although commercial treadmills are expensive, they are solidly built and have excellent features. Here are some common features of the best commercial treadmills.

Treadmill Deck

Commercial treadmills have wider and longer decks than home treadmills. This has many advantages. The large decks of commercial treadmills can accommodate people of any size and height. On commercial treadmills, you can perform jogging and other intense workouts. Commercial treadmill decks also have excellent cushioning systems that are often adjustable. Since most of them have reversible decks, commercial treadmill decks also have a longer life.

Powerful Motors

Commercial treadmills have more engine power than home treadmills. With the exception of True Performance and Proform Pro 300 treadmills, the other best commercial treadmills in this review have 4.0 hp engines. A high rating allows the engine to operate at maximum speed for several hours without overheating or lagging. In addition, commercial treadmill products can run quietly even at top speed.

Incline Selection

Most of the best commercial treadmills in our review may automatically deviate by 15%. This gives users a variety of workouts. High tilt users can also burn calories faster.

Other features include:

  • Little or no maintenance
  • Long warranty periods
  • High maximum payload
  • Quality treadmills and materials
  • Higher speed

Although commercial treadmills are expensive, they are certainly worth the price. With their sturdy construction, reliability, durability and superior materials and features, the best commercial treadmill products offer more complete training programs and will last for years!

Conclusion & Recommendations

We hope that after reading our customer guide as well as our selection of the best treadmills, you now have a better idea of ​​the options available to you and you can understand what features you want to use on a commercial treadmill. Especially when you buy a device as expensive as a commercial treadmill, it is always useful to check the return policy as well as the warranty on the device to make sure you are insured when it comes to defective products.

Another important thing is to make sure that you consider the shipping costs of the device, since treadmills can be quite heavy and can cost a lot of money for shipping. Keep this in mind and hope you find yourself a terrific commercial treadmill to suit your needs!

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